“Christy Kabbani has been preparing delicious, nutritious, high-quality juice and food for the Living Yoga 21-Day Wellness Program for the past four years. Each year Christy continues to improve her offering with a better mix of ingredients and packaging. She is dependable, responsive, and I can count on her to serve my clients exactly what they need for our cleanses.


In addition to providing juices and foods, Christy is extremely knowledgeable about what she puts into all her foods and does presentations on specific foods that best serve my clients during a juice fast or cleanse. I count on Christy to help my clients stay healthy and would highly recommend Christy's cooking and services."

Claudine Beeson

Living Yoga, Owner/Instructor

Longtime Customer - World Fusion Cuisine

“I am so grateful for Chef Christy's Tuesday night meals. Her food keeps me eating healthy all week long, and keeps me from ordering Papa John's every week! I love all the extras she offers each week, and somehow she makes everything taste AMAZING! Who knew someone could make kale salad taste SO good that I don't want to put the jar down! Christy's meals are the best money spent all week."

Alison Fisher

Longtime Customer - World Fusion Cuisine

“When I order food from World Fusion Cuisine I'm keeping a promise to myself to eat healthy and I'm gifting myself time I'd otherwise spend cooking. Their nutrient-packed food lasts me for at least two days and is as flavorful as it is varied and creative. The juices are always so delicious and Christine's knowledge of recipes from other cultures always makes the salads and soups a tasty surprise. I love unpacking the jars and seeing what interesting combinations of food I can look forward to eating over the coming days."

Denise Gajdos

Customer - World Fusion Cuisine

“I have been purchasing Christy's meals for the past year. I always find them flavorful and know that I'm eating healthy ingredients without the sodium and fat. I take them to work so that I have a great lunch of soup and salad. It's refreshing to wake up in the morning and have a smoothie that is already prepared for me. These meals are delivered to my door and that is a convenience to me at no extra cost. I especially like the new 32 ounce jar sizes. If you are looking for healthy, tasty, vegan meals, then you should try Christy's meal service. You will enjoy for sure."

Jane C., Naperville

Longtime Customer - World Fusion Cuisine and Two Mothers Foods

“I always feel so healthy & virtuous on the day when I do my Christy dinner. I know the meal is prepared with the best ingredients & loving hands. I call it my "free" day. I don't have to grocery shop or cook. Not being a vegetarian, I had some doubt that a vegetarian meal would fill me but it does & my body seems to like the change of pace. There is plenty of food in the dinner package & my husband now joins me in my day of healthy eating & still there is often left overs for a snack or lunch the following day."

Leah Boettcher

Customer - World Fusion Cuisine

“Christy Kabbani provided nutritious, well -proportioned, and delicious school lunches at Four Winds Waldorf School for several years. Catering our 20th Anniversary Gala celebration, she did a wonderful job of tailoring a great mix of sweet and savory hors d'oeuvres to our needs and tastes. She did a brilliant job of navigating the various food sensitivities and preferences and provided a varied palate that vegans to omnivores could enjoy."

Jocelyne Roy, Administrator, Four Winds Waldorf School

Longtime Customer - World Fusion Cuisine and Two Mothers Foods

“Chef Christy provides deliciously healthy, adventurous and exciting foods — no shortcuts here.”

Kelly Douglas

Customer - Two Mothers Foods

“The Holistic Moms Network loves how Christy can accommodate a variety of special diets in a no-nonsense, delicious way."

Krista Sherinian, Holistic Moms Network

Catering client and Cooking Class participant

Longtime Customer - World Fusion Cuisine and Two Mothers Foods

“I have been a customer of Two Mothers Foods for 4 years. I have also attended many events that Chef Christy has catered. Her food is excellent, fresh, local, and organic. Always beautifully prepared, I would recommend Christy for your next event.”

Kim Triol

Longtime Customer - World Fusion Cuisine and Two Mothers Foods