Catering Packages

Special Days & Every Day

Make your customized events and everyday dining extra special with World Fusion Cuisine.

Chef Christy ensures that you and your guests enjoy the freshest and most wholesome foods by using seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible.

With great care and attention to detail, your meals are lovingly prepared and

beautifully presented to tantalize the senses and enhance all of your life's events.

*Wine and/or cocktail pairings for your meal is also available

Customized meals fit any dietary wants, needs or restrictions:

Vegan | Vegetarian | Raw Vegan
Gluten Free | Dairy Free
Food Sensitivities | Food Allergies
and more...

A World of Dining Opportunities:

Special Occasions

Office Functions

Just because...

Dinner Parties

Rehearsal Dinners & Weddings
Bridal & Baby Showers
and more...

Business Meetings & Conferences
Office Box Lunches
Health & Wellness Programs

You want to eat healthfully and don't feel like:

  1. Cooking tonight
  2. Packing a lunch, or,
  3. Leaving the office to pick up a meal