World Fusion Cuisine

is a direct influence of Chef Christy's personal cultural experiences.






Having lived in Tangiers, Morocco throughout much of her childhood, the Mediterranean lifestyle became one of Chef Christy’s greatest sources of creative inspiration. Her eclectic menus are deeply rooted in the healing powers of spices and herbs and the wonderfully unique flavor combinations she learned to create during her travels abroad. Learning cooking methods from several chefs in Spain, Turkey and Morocco, Chef Christy’s love and respect for their culinary skills and techniques comes through in her own recipes.


A unique variety of whole-healthy food services:


Chef Christy creates delightful foods inspired by recipes from around the world with particular attention paid to dietary needs and wants including:

  • Vegan | Vegetarian | Raw Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Gluten Free | Dairy Free
  • Food Sensitivities | Food Allergies
  • Gourmet Custom Menus
  • and much more!


Who says healthy can’t be delicious?

Using flavorful nutritional elements, the healing power of spices and a mix of old and new world traditions, Chef Christy’s World Fusion Cuisine will provide you and your guests with quality products sure to satisfy your culinary curiosity and tantalize your taste buds.

Here's to your good health!